WasterMaster Mobile Garbage Bins

Viscount is excited to introduce its WasteMaster™ range of Mobile Garbage Bins (MGB). Through extensive research, field testing and quality controlled manufacturing processes, Viscount's WasteMaster range of two-wheel and four-wheel mobile garbage bins are approved to Australian Standards 4123.

All these features combine to ensure the WasteMaster™ range is rigid and resilient

Swing Top 120LSwing Top 240LMobile Garbage Bin 120LMobile Garbage Bin 240L

Swing Top Lids / Mobile Garbage Bins

Height (MM) Width (MM) Length (MM)
E0926 (lid only) 120 520 280 445
E0659 (lid only) 240 690 330 525
W80 80 910 475 550
W120 120 910 475 550
W140 140 910 530 600
W240 240 1050 580 720
4 Wheel Bin 3000L4 Wheel Bin 1500L4 Wheel Bin 660L4 Wheel Bin 3MT4 Wheel Bin 1.5MT4 Wheel Bin 1100L

4 Wheel Bin Range

Height (MM) Width (MM) Length (MM)
E1817 Mega Bin 3000 1785 1400 2055
E1807 Dump Master 1500 1350 1144 1990
E1816 3m Industrial Bin Lid NA Height: 100 Width: 920 Length: 1510 (hinge width 860mm)
E1848 1.5m Industrial Bin Lid NA Height: 90 Width: 920 Length: 1050 (hinge width 860mm)
W9208 Waste Bin 1100 1335 1360 1030
W9207 Waste Bin 660 1190 1360 780

What makes the WasteMaster™ range so durable

UV stabilised high density polyethylene Compound impact-resistant rubber wheels Sturdy lids with heavy duty hinge pins Tempered steel axles Easy to clean interior surface (chemical and odour resistant)

Colour Options

To see colour options in more detail please download the brochure

WasteMaster Colour Options